Living Room to Living Room / Rec. Room Remodel

Thank you to all who have helped us through this elective home surgery!!!


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     Before Pictures
     Day 1 (1/17/03) - Locate top plate and remove drywall on first wall.
     Day 2 (1/18/03) - Complete Drywall removal Pete & Sue (Mom & Dad)

     Day 3 (1/19/03) - Rim joist removal.

     Day 9 (1/25/03) - New floor construction. Pete, Sue, Bo, Griffin, Claire
     Day 10 (1/26/03) - Minor follow-up to floor. No Pictures.
     Day 12 (1/28/03) - Rough frame railing. Bo
     Day 15 (1/31/03) - Block joists in field.  Install light cans. Pete
     Day 16 & 17 (2/1&2/03) - Wire downstairs lights. Mel
     Drywall (early March) - Installed all drywall upstairs and down. Mel, Jim, & Pete
     Mantle (early March) - Last minute fireplace mantle demolition. Mel
     Paint & Floors (April)

Thanks very much to Jim and Colleen Schneider for the use of their truck and for entertaining Griffin and Claire.

Thanks as well to the Yule's.  Also, for helping to keep the kids entertained and for Bo's insider tips and wisdom.    Dan & Lori's Homepage    Remodel Homepage